Sustained Innovation


Sustained Innovation is an accelerated, border-pushing, idea-generating, implementation-planning, in-person, strategic war room workshop for corporations looking to move beyond CSR and truly embed sustainability into every possible avenue.

Our team will take the lead in sourcing ambitious participants from across your organization’s various teams and departments, either through an application or nomination process. This will ensure a motivated, inter-disciplinary group emerges, ready to bring your corporation’s commitment to environmentalism to the next level.

During the three-day event, our team of thought leaders and business giants will lead the group across functional areas to brainstorm new products, services, potential problems, and solutions. From manufacturing and supply chain to food waste and commuting, your team will leave at the end of Day 3 with a tangible action plan, timeline of next steps to take, local resources to use, and an implementation accountability system to make sure the blueprint that you came up with comes to fruition.