The Edge: Interview with Rob Kramer, Co-Founder of HipSwap

Posted by Carrie Norton on September 10, 2013

In the midst of a rapidly growing population, how can agriculture increase the food supply to meet developing demand? And how can agriculture be sustainably maintained in midst of dwindling fossil fuels, growing consumer health concerns, and limited land and water supplies? Robert Puro co-founded Seedstock as a way to bring together entrepreneurs, researchers, growers, non-profits, and investors in an open and ongoing dialogue focused on efficient and sustainable food production solutions. Puro joins Carrie Norton this week on the Edge as they highlight the intersection between technology and sustainable farming.

Posted by Carrie Norton on November 13, 2013

This week on the Edge, Carrie Norton interviews founder and CEO of Amp, Sarah McKinney. As an entrepreneur, McKinney is increasing engagement among sustainability-minded individuals by making it easier for people to find and share the best information and resources available. McKinney has combined her passion with an MBA in Sustainability from Presidio Graduate School and over a decade of experience conducting consumer research. Tune in for several lessons she has learned as a first-time CEO, her strategies for hiring and growth and her advice for personal sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The Edge: Interview with Sarah McKinney, CEO and Founder of Amp

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Posted by Carrie Norton on March 12, 2013

The Edge: Interview with Jamie Krug, CEO of Cyber Rain

The Edge: Interview with DeKoven Ashley and Mike Colosimo, Co-Founders of thrdPlace

The Edge: Interview with Robert Puro, Co-Founder of Seedstock

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The Edge: Interview with Kabira Stokes, CEO and Co-Founder of Isidore Recycling

Posted by Carrie Norton on August 22, 2013

A serial entrepreneur with cross-sector successes, Rob Kramer most recently co-founded the visual marketplace of Hipswap, designed to surpass the buying experience of Ebay and Craiglist. Join us this week on The Edge as Carrie Norton speaks to Kramer about the sustainability of a shared economy and collaborative consumption. Kramer shares how he has developed his company model beyond the mobile marketplace to a website that reaches a broader recyclable fashion audience. Also stay tuned for special advice to entrepreneurs on investors, everything from staying a step ahead of your investors to staying comfortable in the discomfort of starting your own business.

Posted by Carrie Norton on September 3, 2013

Join Carrie Norton this week on the Edge as she welcomes social entrepreneur, and co-founder and CEO of Isidore Recyling, Kabira Stokes. With a public policy education focused on prison reentry policy and environmental governance, Stokes founded Isidore, a full-service electronics recycling company that trains and employs previously incarcerated Angelinos. Stokes reflects on her journey as a woman in industry and how she’s learned to stand by her decisions in the face of early challenges.

Posted by Carrie Norton on March 22, 2013