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Carrie Norton is the Founder and President of
Green Business BASE CAMP.
Her professional mission is to
prove the business case for
sustainability. Carrie’s broad
expertise in sustainable
business and entrepreneurship
includes managerial roles at
Garage Technology Ventures
and Idealab. As a senior
executive in the commercial
solar power industry, she served
early-adopting clients such as
Google, Sony, Toyota and
British Telecom. Carrie is a
2010 Catto Environmental
Fellow of the Aspen Institute.
She is a co-founder of the
Sustainable Business Council
of Los Angeles.

Thank you for your interest in Green Business BASE CAMP and the opportunities
we are creating for green business and clean tech entrepreneurs around the world.
My work at the intersection of innovation and business makes me keenly aware of
what’s missing out there for entrepreneurs with great ideas for solving environmental
and social problems through business. Enter Green Business BASE CAMP.

We’ve designed the first dedicated, high-impact training workshop focused on helping entrepreneurs with a triple-bottom line perspective.

GBBC is the definitive experiential education program combining elements of roll-up-your-sleeves work, retreat and a good dose of fun, all in a setting surrounded by nature. I’ve met enough successful entrepreneurs to know it’s possible to bring great ideas to market. With the right guidance and knowledge, many of you can get there, too. Helping you bring your green business idea to market means we all win.

Green Business BASE CAMP is founded on these ideals, and we are committed to offering a better way to bring the best ideas in business to a waiting world.

Now, you’re invited to join us. See you at BASE CAMP.

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Carrie Norton


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