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Download the LA workshop agenda as an example of what to expect in London and Singapore.

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Why Apply To Attend Green Business BASE CAMP?

Most early-stage entrepreneurs will fail in the first three years of trying to launch their business. Green Business BASE CAMP will help you avoid the pitfalls that catch so many entrepreneurs off-guard and lead to wasted time, energy and money.

Highlights of our curriculum include the following topics:

Advancing Your Fundraising Efforts

  • Formulating Your Pitch
  • Developing an Effective Presentation
  • Practicing and Improving Your Pitch

Improving Your Understanding of Key Sustainability Topics

  • Design Thinking for Green Startups
  • Biomimicry for Sustainable Businesses
  • Policies and Laws that Impact Green Businesses

Professional Networking

  • Access to Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • Insights from Investors
  • Peer Networking and Collaboration
  • Identifying and Recruiting Great Talent

Addressing Critical Business Topics

  • Developing a Business / Revenue Model
  • Product or Service Design and Development
  • Naming and Branding
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Public Relations
  • Financing Your Venture
  • Business Structure: Legal and HR

We have thoughtfully created a custom curriculum that will provide you with the tools, knowledge and network necessary for success. In addition to your peers, you’ll be surrounded by seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors specializing in the sector. There is nowhere else you can go to find this group of people all in one place for four days of concentrated learning, work and play.